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Discover Healico, your wound care assistant in your pocket.


Urgo Medical Education App

Discover the Urgo Medical Education app, a new education program developped by Urgo Medical.

Get ready to embark in an easy & fun learning journey on woundcare!

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UrgoK2 application video

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UrgoK1 application video

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Legs Go

Do you know that beyond treatment, self-care can have an impact on leg ulcer healing?

Do you want to know how patients can become an actor of this healing process?

Join the movement and discover the LEGS GO program, our patient holistic program, to enable patients to become actors of their healing!

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UrgoK2 Application leaflet


UrgoK1 Application leaflet


Patient leaflet

Your patient has been diagnosed with a veinous leg ulcer and you want to explain why is compression necessary for healing?
Send him the patient guide .pdf document!

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